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Winchester M1 Carbine


This is a nice Winchester M1 Carbine from 1943 that was re-worked after the war. It was probably first modified for Korea, and then a subsequent owner had the stock sanded and lacquered so the markings are no longer visible. The finish on the metal parts is original, with minor thinning on the receiver. Winchester barrel and receiver. Bayo lug and adjustable rear sight added postwar. Bore has good rifling but some freckling and minor pitting in the grooves. Stock has no cracks or chips. Comes with a postwar mag pouch, sling, oiler and repro mag.


I have managed firearms retail and could not stand this aspect of it. When you receive a gun from me it’s been packed with care and arrives as your NEW GUN. One person handles each gun from the time it arrives until it leaves and that is me.
When a gun is sold it gets properly packed that day, by me with FedEx tracking sent to my client immediately. I contact your FFL FOR YOU, and handle all the paperwork.  California? No problem, I have been shipping there for over a decade. Canada and Australia- have sent many there, just ask for details. Buying a fine gun should be fun and exciting.  I don’t want to sell you one gun, I want your business for life and want your referrals from building trust.  I have been the largest seller of Caesar Guerini, Syren and Fabarms for the 5th straight year because of service and value.  This is my model and I hope you give me a call.  THANK YOU for reading.