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  • Belt-fed rated (each can)
  • Custom Cerakote™ with “Join, or Die” laser engraving
  • Finish: high-temp Cerakote™


  • Tan portable, heavy-duty, lockable case protects contents of kit
  • R3 1/2×28 (5.56mm) flash hider
  • R3 5/8×24 (7.62mm) flash hider
  • 5.56mm endcap (for Surge/Razor)
  • 9mm endcap (for Obsidian)
  • 1/2×28 piston
  • .578×28 piston
  • Proprietary takedown tool


Just when you thought Rugged Suppressors couldn’t get any greater, they go and do something like this! By offering three of their most versatile and popular silencers in one complete package exclusive only to Silencer Shop dealers, the Rugged team covers all of your can needs in a single stop. With only 25 of these select Join or Die kits available, time’s ticking on this purchase.

I have managed firearms retail and could not stand this aspect of it. When you receive a gun from me it’s been packed with care and arrives as your NEW GUN. One person handles each gun from the time it arrives until it leaves and that is me.
When a gun is sold it gets properly packed that day, by me with FedEx tracking sent to my client immediately. I contact your FFL FOR YOU, and handle all the paperwork.  California? No problem, I have been shipping there for over a decade. Canada,Europe and Australia- have sent many there, just ask for details. Buying a fine gun should be fun and exciting.  I don’t want to sell you one gun, I want your business for life and want your referrals from building trust.  I have been the largest seller of Caesar Guerini, Syren and Fabarms for the 5th straight year because of service and value.  This is my model and I hope you give me a call.  THANK YOU for reading.