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(3 customer reviews)


Condition: New In Box
Caliber: 12 Gauge


INCLUDED in this new-in-box laser sight especially manufactured for the weapon by CRIMSON TRACE. An absolute must for this short shotgun.

ALSO INCLUDED is a PEAK hard case custom-fitted for this weapon.

Brand new in box is this, the rare SHOCKWAVE version of the MOSSBERG TACTICAL SHOTGUN known as Model 590M. This 14-inch barreled weapon, chambered 12 gauge, comes with THREE individual, detachable MOSSBERG factory-fresh magazines: one TWENTY-ROUND, one FIFTEEN-ROUND and one TEN-ROUND magazine.

3 reviews for MOSSBERG SHOCKWAVE 590M

  1. Jamil

    Was nervous when I ordered but I’m extremely happy with this purchase. This is amazing. Thank you

  2. Raymond

    Best deal

  3. Paul

    I was hesitant in a buying a 590M product but after it was delivered to me in one piece, I’m happy I bought it. Thanks guys

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