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Korth Skyhawk Revolver 9mm

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Korth skythawk revolver 9mm is the end product of two legendary manufacturers, Korth (German-based company) and Nighthawk Custom (US-based company), who came together to create a line of guns with exquisite form, fit, and function as well as accuracy, smoothness, dependability, and value. These are some of the features that make Korth revolvers not only a force to reckon with but in fact one of the best revolvers yet.

Brief history and overview of the Korth Skyhawk Revolver

In 2016 Nighthawk Custom announced that it was collaborating with the German gun-making company Korth to bring a line of revolvers to the United States. Nighthawk is therefore the exclusive importer of this particular line of Korth guns.

The Sky Hawk 9mm was created as a high concealed, reliable, and well-fitting carry a revolver for anyone looking for a high-quality arm to count on for any purpose. The Sky Hawk is highly advantageous in that its innovative cylinder design and ejection system allows it to use the rimless 9mm cartridge without any moon clips.

Specifications of Korth Skyhawk Revolver 9mm:

Manufacturer: Korth

Model: Sky Hawk

Barrel Length: 2”

Weight: ~1.23 lb

Overall Length: 6.3”

Width: 1.54”

Height: 5.12”

Finish: Frame is Hard Coated Black. The cylinder is Black DLC Coating

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Frame Material: High Strength 7075 Aluminum

Barrel Material: 416R Stainless

Accessories: Manual, Lock

Action: Double

Frame Color: Black

Front Sight: Bead

Grip: Hogue

Sight Front Color: Gold

Weight Unloaded: 19.68 oz

Manufacturer’s Description of the Korth Skyhawk Revolver 9mm

The Korth Skyhawk is a six-shot revolver built on a 7075 aluminum frame and chambered in 9mm. Nighthawk Custom imports slightly different versions of these revolvers into the United States and calls them the Sky Hawk.

Other features of the gun include:

A cold-forged, AISI 4340 steel polygon barrel which could either be 2″ or 3″ long;

A steel cylinder containing a clipless extraction mechanism;

A Picatinny rail found just on the barrel’s right;

A Picatinny rail just behind the cylinder, on the right as well;

A polished-smooth, double-action/single-action roller trigger with an adjustable trigger retaining spring;

A hammer spring which is movable (adjustable);

The Sky Hawk revolver also features a robust rear sight that is adjustable for windage and a gold bead insert in the front sight.

A sloped front sight which is removable;

Contains a skeletonized, high-speed hammer;

A standard-style, side-mounted cylinder release;

There is lanyard eyelet on the butt;

Has a black hard coat finish on the frame; and

It also contains a black ion bond diamond-like-carbon (DLC) finish on the steel cylinder.

How to Buy Korth Skyhawk 9mm

Where to Buy the Korth Skyhawk 9mm Online

The Korth Skyhawk 9mm is one of the best revolvers but yet very hard to find. That is why we are here for you.

We provide a total set of firearm-related services to help you successfully exercise your right to use arms.  If you need a firearm transfer service, want to buy or sell a new or used firearm, or perhaps just have sporting, recreational, home protection or concealed carry requirements, we are here to help you.  Our intention is simple; we strive to make the firearms buying and selling process less complicated and we do it in a reliable, fast, friendly, and well-channeled manner.

How to use a Korth Skyhawk 9mm

When it comes to using a Korth Skyhawk 9mm, there is certainly a lot you need to know. It is important to carefully master the steps for every action so as to get your intended result at the end of the day. So it is advisable to consult the Korth Skyhawk 9mm user manual that comes with the pistol in order to perform the following actions:

  • Adjusting Single-Action trigger weight
  • Changing the pressure point of the Double-Action trigger
  • Roller replacement
  • Loading and unloading
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Windage adjustment
  • Model Target
  • Rear sight blade replacement
  • Grip Replacement

What Makes A Korth Skyhawk Special?

What makes a Korth Skyhawk special? I know you must be asking that question. Well, I will tell you this:

The Korth action features a roller on the trigger that takes effect when the pistol is fired in DA mode. For the Smith and Wesson pistols, there is friction between two surfaces but with the Skyhawk instead, the roller engages and rides on the hammer tongue. This, therefore, produces a very smooth action.

The roller can also be changed out to provide a “two-stage” trigger with a very well-defined wall before it breaks. In addition, the pistol has an adjustable trigger return spring that can be regulated with a tensioner without altering safety and accuracy.

The Korth is better in the hand than the LCR9… as it should be for the price. It is also a very pleasing sweet shooter and a very fitting carry revolver alternative. It also puts out power similar to a 3″ semiauto in a similar form factor.

You will get more trigger time on it and an improvement in shoot ability as you put it through some timed drills. So the Korth Skyhawk revolver 9mm is definitely the pistol to go for if you are looking forward to purchasing one.



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