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Kimber Micro



9mm 3.2in barrel 4.1in ht, 6.1in long two mag, bag with manual Wood grips Laser grips.



Type: Semi-automatic pistol

Place of origin: United States

In service: 1997 – present

Used by: LAPD SWAT

OCSD SWAT : USMC Force Recon

Manufacturer: Kimber The TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement) family of pistols is ideal for duty carry, tactical applications and personal protection. TLE TFS (Threaded for Suppression) models also feature barrels threaded for suppression



Mass: 38 ounces

Length: 8.7 inches

Barrel length: 5 inches

Width: 1.3 inches

Height: 5.3 inches

Caliber: .45 ACP 9×19mm

Action: semi-automatic, single action

Feed system: 7-, 8- or 10-round magazine

-Textured G-10 grip panels

-Cartridge or Gauge:  .45 Automatic Colt Pistol

-Barrel Length : 5″

Gun Weight 28 oz.



Kimber  has gained a solid reputation for manufacturing highly accurate M1911-style pistols, offered with a wide range of custom features direct from the factory. The Custom TLE II Semi-Auto Pistol features a fully supported match-grade barrel, fitted to the slide with a match-grade stainless steel bushing for incredibly consistent accuracy. A full-length, steel guide rod ensures reliability. The slide and frame of the Custom TLE II (Tactical Law Enforcement) are machined with precision, resulting in a superior slide-to-frame fit for smooth, reliable cycling. Checkering on the mainspring housing and front strap, along with aggressively textured G-10 grip panels provide a solid, non-slip hold. An extended beavertail grip safety ensures a high grip; and protects the hammer when carrying the weapon cocked and locked, while minimizing hammer-bite to the web of the shooter’s hand while firing. The slide features cocking serrations at the front and back. An aluminum match-grade trigger is factory set to break clean and crisp for precise shot placement and enhanced control during rapid fire. Sturdy, metal-frame, 3-dot tritium night sights provide rapid sight acquisition in any lighting, even completed darkness. The Kimber Custom TLE II Semi-Auto Pistol is a reliable sidearm for self-defense that is capable of delivering rapid, well-placed shots with the powerful .45 ACP cartridge. Made in USA.

-Match-grade barrel

-Match-grade stainless steel bushing

-Precision machined slide and frame

-Checkered mainspring housing and front strap

-3-dot tritium night sights

-Aluminum match-grade trigger

-Textured G-10 grip panels

Cartridge or Gauge .45 Automatic Colt Pistol

The TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement) family of pistols is ideal for duty carry, tactical applications and personal protection.


Kimber Manufacturing is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes small arms such as M1911 pistols, Solo pistols and rifles. The USA Shooting Team, Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, and the LAPD SWAT team have used Kimber pistols in the past.

Kimber was founded as “Kimber of Oregon” in 1979 by Jack Warne and his son Greg Warne in the small town of Clackamas, Oregon. An Australian, Jack Warne moved to Oregon in 1968 after Portland-based Omark Industries purchased the Australian firearms manufacturer, Sporting Arms (or Sportco), he had founded in Adelaide, South Australia, following World War II.

Following its founding, Kimber of Oregon, which quickly built a reputation for accurate .22 long rifle caliber rifles, began to expand its product line and eventually acquired a second manufacturing plant in nearby Colton. Jack Warne acquired the Brownell quick-detachable rifle scope mounting system for Kimber.

In the late 1980s, the company began to struggle after a private stock offering fell short of covering the costs of developing the M89 BG (Big Game) Rifle. In 1989, Kimber of Oregon was sold to Oregon timber baron Bruce Engel, who founded WTD Industries, Inc. Engel had difficulty running Kimber and soon the company sought bankruptcy protection. However, Kimber of Oregon’s assets were liquidated.

In 1990, several Kimber employees, including Dan Cooper, left to found Cooper Firearms of Montana. Jack Warne left to found the Warne Manufacturing Company in February 1991, which began manufacture of a new rifle scope mounting system.

In the mid-1990s, Greg Warne tried to revive Kimber, but much of Kimber of Oregon’s original tooling had ended up in a junkyard north of Portland. Warne soon found a financial backer in Les Edelman, who owned Nationwide Sports Distributors. The two purchased the original tooling and partnered to found Kimber of America. The company grew quickly, but Edelman forced Greg Warne out after acquiring a majority interest in the company.

While Edelman was partnering with Greg Warne, he had also invested in Yonkers-based Jerico Precision Manufacturing, which manufactured hand tools and mechanical components for the defense industry, which was adjusting to cuts in defense spending. Edelman decided to connect Jerico Precision’s existing infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities and Kimber’s reputation and extensive network of dealers to build a line of M1911-style handguns. He eventually moved Kimber’s production line to Jerico’s facilities in New York, ending Kimber’s presence in Oregon. The company now has locations in New York and New Jersey.

Kimber is planning to expand manufacturing capacity from its 31,500-square-foot (2,930 m2) manufacturing facility in RidgefieldNJ (Aero Molding). A proposal to add more space to its Yonkers site had been approved as a “regionally significant project” but Kimber appears to have withdrawn its application following concerns raised by worried neighbors.

Faced with political opposition in New York and New Jersey Kimber explored other locations for their operations. The company announced intention to open a manufacturing facility in Troy, Alabama in January 2018[4] On October, 21st, 2020 Kimber Arms management announced the corporate headquarters is being relocated to Troy.


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