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JK 195 SGX 12


Recommended Ammunition:

  • Bird Shot (Lead and Steel)
  • Buck Shot
  • Slugs

Barrel Length Restrictions:

  • 7″ 12GA Full Auto Rated


  • Length: 11.5″
  • Weight: 16.06 oz
  • Material: 7075 Billet Aluminum
  • Finish: Type 3 Hard Anodize Black


  • JK 195 SGX 12 Shotgun Suppressor
  • JK 195 LT Taper Mount
  • JK 195 LT Tube
  • JK 195 LT Cylinder CHoke Flash Reducer End Cap
  • Owner’s Manual


Introducing the all new JK 195 SGX 12 shotgun suppressor from JK Armament! The SGX 12 is an extremely lightweight, robust, and strong shotgun suppressor that is optimized for the following calibers and minimum barrel lengths:

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