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Francotte Model 20E 12 gauge



Auguste Francotte is world famous as a high-quality firearms maker from the gun making center of Leige, Belgium dating back as far as 1805. Still making fine shotguns today with price tags starting at $18,000, Francotte is a brand recognized and used by heads of state, business tycoons, and in some cases, the fortunate “Average Joe”. Search long and hard, you will not find another Auguste Francotte like this one. We see the Model 25E often enough in 12ga., 16ga., and 20ga. They are nicely built side by sides with a solid reputation for graceful looks and handling characteristics as well as rock solid dependability. But when have you seen a 12ga. field gun weighing less than a 20ga? This Francotte, sn87437 imported in 1932 by Von Longerke & Detmold New York, is a rare gun with 2 5/8” chambers and 26” SK/IM chokes, nicely stocked with European walnut, perfect checkering, 65% coverage engraving, strong well timed ejectors… just a great looking gun. Why an ultra-light 12ga you ask? Because of its larger bore diameter, a 2 ½” 12ga. will be much more deadly with a 1 ounce load than a 20ga. because it produces a much shorter shot string allowing it to put a higher number of pellets on a crossing target than the same load in a 20 ga. Do the research and you will find the 12ga. load is far superior for your upland needs. And why would you want to carry a 6 1/2lb. 20ga. when the 12 does the job better and can be bought at bargain prices compared to 20ga. guns? Most all 12ga. guns made anywhere in the world will weigh well over 6 1/2lbs., so this is a true ULTRA-LIGHT 12 BORE, A VERY RARE FIND. You will not likely see another for decades to come. This gun is in excellent factory original condition with 60% fading case color, 99% barrel blue, mirror bores, fine oil finish wood, and a long 14 ¾” LOP. Choked SK/IC with 26” barrels, this gun is lightning fast for the regal upland bird…the ruffed grouse and his pal the woodcock. You could not find a better early season grouse gun! For those of you that recognize what you are looking at in this fine Francotte, don’t let this one get away. It has everything you want in an upland gun and is a delight to carry over hill and dale at an amazing 5lbs. 13oz. Just in time for the upcoming grouse season!

Barrel Length: 26″**** Chokes: .004/.026 SK/IM**** Bores: perfect mirror**** Bore Diameter: .728/.729**** Wall Thickness: .020/.019**** % Blue: 98%**** Chambers: 2 1/2″ **** Ribs: tight**** Sights: single silver bead****

Action: center**** Ejectors or Extractors: Ejectors, Excellent**** Case Color: 30% faint**** Screws: excellent**** Engraving: 50% coverage fine scroll**** Trigger Type: double, crisp**** Trigger Guard Color: 90%****

Type: 1/2 round pistol grip/splinter forend**** LOP: 14 5/8″**** LOP To End Of Wood: 14″**** DAH: 2 1/2″**** DAC: 1 5/16″**** Cast: 1/4″ off**** Checkering Condition: excellent**** Butt Treatment: horn butt plate****

There are more photos upon request. We offer a 30 day mechanical warranty on this fine firearm. Call us for full details.


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