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Finnish Lahti VKT L-35 Rig


This is a very nice example of a rare Finnish VKT L-35 Rig, made in the 1940’s. This Finnish designed and manufactured pistol (a copy of the Lahti) was issued to Finnish military frontline-units during Winter War (1939 – 1940) in very small numbers and in growing numbers during Continuation War (1941 – 1944). After World War 2, it remained in use of Finnish Armed Forces until 1980’s. This one is matching and comes as a rig with a period-correct holster (triple crown marked), one magazine, and a tool. The gun itself has retained about 95% of its original finish. Generally, there is minor wear around the high edges and around the muzzle. Light scratching throughout. A series of small dings on the front strap. Comes with excellent reddish plastic grips. Some of the small parts are marked “E” with an electro-pencil. It looks like there is a defaced marking on the right side of the frame. The bore has good rifling, but there is minor frosting in the grooves.


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