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Exclamation Point SS Dagger


Well boys and girls, this is a nice dagger with all the bells and whistles! These exclamation point daggers are very rare and are thought to be made for some special event since they seem to all be made during the same time period. This one has a good blade with no major issues outside of some average wear and slight metal aging. The blade has not been touched at all. The upper and lower guards are in good condition as they are solid nickel silver as you would expect on these exclamation point daggers. They have been un cleaned and it’s up to the new owner if they want to keep it that way.


This is a rare variation SS Dagger with an exclamation point after the “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue” blade inscription. Research is unclear in determining the significance of this rare variation, but many speculate these went to elite SS units. The dagger comes with an original scabbard and leather hanger / frog. The blade is in great overall condition with cross graining visible throughout. There’s some mild oxidation and speckling on the blade as well. The reverse of the blade is RZM 324/38 SS maker stamped. We were able to find other exclamation point examples by the same maker. The hand guard and pommel have some small spots of green verdigris and some mild patina / discoloration throughout. The wood handle has no cracks or chips, but there are a few mild indents and imperfections. The scabbard is in great shape with no notable dents or issues and some mild black paint loss. The leather hanger is RZM maker stamped and DRGM stamped on the clasp as shown. A very rare, highly collectible piece.