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Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore Best British Side lock




 Year of creation: 1974, 20 Gauge, 5lbs 11oz, SN# 008

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Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore Best British Side lock has many advantages. This patented shoot-through gun bore cleaner effectively field cleans shotguns in an instant. Simply load, safely fire and the internal device power scrubs, traps particles and wipes the bore clean. Forget the dirty, tedious and time-consuming task of traditional field cleaning methods – field clean your shotgun with CleanShot. 20 gauge 2-3/4”.

-Developed for both smooth and rifled bores – 100% gun barrel safe

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-Helps preserve gun value and performance

-Saves you time, money and hassle over traditional cleaning methods

DESCRIPTION OF Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore Best British Side lock

Here we have a stunning example of a fine English BEST GUN 20 bore at an incredibly affordable price. This gun, and a matching, consecutively serial numbered 12 bore also available, was built by Master Gun maker Brian Ebbs in 1974 and remains unfired and in new condition.

Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore.

Brian Ebbs was born in Birmingham England in 1938 and began as an apprentice gun maker at an early age, ultimately achieving status as a Master Gun maker in the elite world of British gun making. His firm is listed in the seminal volumes of Nigel Brown, BRITISH GUNMAKERS, VOLUME 2, as EBBS-FORGETT OF 5/6 Price St., Birmingham, England from 1. Ebbs was commissioned by an American, John P. Hundley, to build a matching set of 9-pin side lock guns in 12 bore and 20 bore, which VFI is fortunate enough to have up for sale. We are selling the guns individually if necessary but would prefer to keep this unique set of guns together if possible. Maybe a couple of shooting buddies can buy them so they remain united. The guns comprise a very versatile and useful set and are a better bargain purchased together, as it is always more costly to build a matching set of guns. BOTH GUNS REMAIN UNFIRED.

It seems Mr. Hundley met an unfortunate death in a plane crash and never had the privilege of shooting these fine shotguns. The 20 bore is MAGNUM PROOFED for 3” loads at 3 1/2 tons, which is a rare find in a British gun. Balanced perfectly on the hinge pin and weighing 5lbs. 11oz. with its 27”IC/M finely struck barrels, this is the ultimate 20 bore upland gun, even for tough late season pheasants, ducks, or even turkey with its magnum capabilities. The action and barrels are adorned with stunning Holland style scroll engraving, executed by an engraver that also worked for Holland & Holland. The depth of the cuts, background shading, and perfection of the scroll is superior to any gun in its class. There are no visible primer marks around the firing pin holes, indicating an unfired gun.

Buy Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore.

The mechanics are perfect, crisp, and new, and the gun is stocked to the fences with finely figured French walnut showing perfect wood-to-metal fit, crisp drop points, and delightfully engraved heel and toe plates with a checkered butt. The trigger guard has the rolled edge, and the fences are beaded as well…attributes of a British BEST. The barrels, action, and fore-end are marked “2” in gold inlays, and the gold stock shield remains blank, ready to be personalized with your initials. The metal and wood finishes are 100% and untouched since leaving the shop in Birmingham. If you choose to buy the set or just one gun, we can custom fit a case of your choice to the gun(s) within a few weeks of purchase. Buy Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore.


SPECIFICATIONS OF Ebbs Forgett 20 Bore Best British Side lock

Barrel Length: 27″** Chokes: .006/.018 IC/M** Bores: both mirror ** Bore Diameter: .619/.617** Wall Thickness: .022/.030*** % Blue: 100% original*** Chambers: 3″ 3 1/2 TON PROOF*** Ribs: Churchill style; tight*** Sights: single brass ***


Action: tight*** Ejectors or Extractors: ejectors, strong, timed*** Case Color: 100% original*** Screws: perfect untouched*** Engraving: full coverage Holland type scroll*** Trigger Type: double, crisp*** Trigger Guard Color: 100%***


Type: straight stock/splinter fore-end*** LOP: 14 1/8″** DAH: 2 1/2″** DAC: 1 7/16″** Cast: 1/4″ H 3/8″ T Off** Checkering Condition: perfect 28 lines per inch*** Butt Treatment: heel/toe plates; checkered*



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