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Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928 Submachine Gun


This is a terrific example of a rare, original Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1928 submachine gun. Fully transferrable on a form 4. The gun is all original with roughly 97-98% of the blue remaining, as there’s just minor high edge wear and a little freckling on the compensator. Also some spots of rust on the buttstock. Minty bore, looks like it hasn’t been shot much at all. Manufactured in the 1970s/1980s as part of the “A” suffix serial range, the Auto-Ordnance 1928 Thompson is virtually a perfect reproduction of the original vintage “Roaring Twenties” Tommy Gun. One of the signature weapons of the prohibition era, the Thompson was one of the great “heavy metal” submachine guns, operating semi or full automatic on an open bolt, fully machined with fine hardwood furniture; the later sheet metal guns may have had them beat for cost effectiveness but not for style. It has folding ladder peep sights and a compensator, with a quick-detach buttstock and a contoured pistol grip. Comes with a total of 4 magazines, all 20rd.

Type: 1928
Maker: Auto-Ord
Caliber: .45
Condition: 97-98%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: 1970s-80s