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AR-10 308 NATO



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The ArmaLite AR-10 is a 7.62×51mm NATO battle rifle that was developed by Eugene Stoner in 1956 and manufactured by ArmaLite, then a division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation.

The AR-10 308 NATO gives a maximum AR punch in a surprisingly compact frame. It is designed and made in the USA to the highest level of exactness, reliability, and accuracy by experts in AR-style rifles.

Brief History

MI Garand was a major rifle for America during the Second World War. The device which was developed by Gen. George Patton was indeed the greatest battle tool ever created.

However, with the surge in the level of technology, the American military wanted a rifle with faster firing and fully automatic fire, yet accurate and lightweight, alongside other improvements, including the use of box magazines as opposed to loading by clips, and thus decided to replace the M1.

NATO (North Atlantic Alliance) was created in the wake of World War II and they formed a “Rifle Steering Committee” to develop a regulated rifle used by NATO nation forces. Firearms manufacturers were thus invited to produce prototypes to enter the military’s rifle trials, pitting their designs against each other in meticulous battery of tests to determine which design the armed forces would adopt. Several big manufacturers submitted designs including Fabrique Nationale with their T48 FAL and Springfield Armory with their T44 prototype. Surprisingly a small newcomer Amalite also submitted an innovative firearm design using materials not seen in guns before then. The rifle was the AR-10 and it thus became the next service rifle for U.S. and NATO forces.

Product description and features

The AR-10 is a light, air-cooled, gas-operated, and magazine-fed rifle that uses a piston within the bolt carrier with a revolving bolt locking mechanism. The rifle has a conventional layout; it features an in-line stock, an aluminum alloy receiver, and a fiberglass-reinforced pistol grip, handguard, and buttstock.

The AR-10 was designed based on previously proven concepts. The hinged receiver system is taken from the FAL, and enables the rifle to be opened for cleaning just like a break-action shotgun.

The ejection port is almost like the one which is found in the German World War II period, StG44. It also has a bolt locking system which is virtually the same as that of the M1941 Johnson rifle.

The AR-10 308 NATO features a “straight-line” recoil configuration which increases manageability during automatic fire by bringing down muzzle climb. The AR-10 also has a revolving method of rotary bolt locking, straight-line recoil, and gas operation which enhances its inherent accuracy.

AR-10 308 NATO Specifications

Caliber: .308 Winchester / 7.62 NATO

Action: Semi-automatic (direct impingement)

Capacity: 20+1

Barrel length: 16″ heavy

Barrel material: HBAR 4140 chrome-moly

Barrel twist: 1:10″

Stock: Pardus 6-position collapsible

Upper receiver: Extruded 7129 T6 A3 flat top

Lower receiver: Billet 6061 T6

Pistol grip: A2

Sights: Railed gas block, optics-ready

Fire control: Standard AR-15

Handguard: Glacier Guard

Flash hider: A2 birdcage

Overall length: 32.5″-36.5″

Overall weight: 8.3 lbs.

Mfg. Number: RFLROC

UPC: 884451002468

How to Buy AR-10 308 NATO Online

  • First, you have to ensure that you are 18 years or older to own a shotgun like the AR-10 308 NATO as required by law in most countries.
  • Next step is obtaining a firearm license. If you haven’t obtained a firearms license, you won’t be able to own the AR-10 308 NATO, as that would mean you have not mastered how to effectively use a firearm.
  • Before you can be granted this license though, you will have to write and pass the firearm safety course.
  • After passing the firearm safety course exams, fill out the license application form and mail it with the required supporting documents, including a passport-style photo and processing fee to the approved office.
  • After this step, you just have to wait for a few weeks and your license will be given to you. Once your license has been given, you can go ahead and shop for the particular gun that you have been given a license for and it is the AR-10 308 in this case.

Where to Buy the AR-10 308 NATO Online

The AR-10 308 NATO is indeed a faster firing, fully automatic fire, accurate, and lightweight rifle but may not be quite easy to find. That is why we are here to help own this amazing shotgun.

We provide a total set of firearm-related services to help you successfully exercise your right to use firearms, especially if the firearm is as brilliant as the AR-10 308 NATO.  If you want to buy or sell a new or used firearm, need a firearm transfer service or perhaps just have sporting, recreational, home protection, or other requirements, we are here to help you.  Our aim is just to make the firearms buying and selling process as easy as possible and we do it in the most reliable, fast, friendly, and well-communicated way.

How to use an AR-10 308 NATO

When it comes to using the AR-10 308 NATO, there is certainly a lot you need to know. It is important to understand the steps for every action so as to get your intended result at the end of the day. So it is advisable to go through the user manual that comes with the AR-10 308 NATO in order to carry out the following actions:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Adjusting Single-Action trigger weight
  • Changing the pressure point of the double-Action trigger
  • Roller replacement
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Windage adjustment
  • Rear sight blade replacement
  • Grip Replacement
  • Model Target

What Makes the AR-10 Special?


If you intend to own a rifle and perhaps that is the only rifle you would have, you would want a rifle that is as versatile as possible right? And that is what the AR-10 offers. It is indeed that one rifle you could go for if you were to have just one rifle in a lifetime.

The AR10 .308 semi-automatic rifle in is an ideal versatile and practical rifle because it can be easily used for both big game hunting and tactical/defensive use.


With the .308 Winchester round, North American big game, including caribou, deer, pronghorn, Rocky Mountain Elk, wild boar, black bear, elk, and even moose can be brought down easily.


The AR-10 can as well be very easily used for tactical purposes in the 21st century as it is a magazine-fed semi-automatic rifle. In addition, reloading is very quick and easy.


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