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Alex Martin 20 Gaug



Buy Alex Martin 20 Gaug Online from the most trusted shop selling very high precision firearms in very good condition. Our guns are in a good state with an operational manual that makes them very easy for anyone to use.

Brief History of Alex Martin 20 Gaug

Alexander Martin, created in 1778 has been a renowned gun company near Glasgow, Scotland for more than a whole century.  In 2000, the company began selling a finely made Over/Under shotgun with the model name “Continental” that was produced by the best finest gun makers in Italy.  They have several grades and options offered.  The Alex Martin 20 Gauge which was made in 2001 has proven to be the best grade ever offered and it is an all-around best gun.  What makes it the most perfect gun is the fact that it is a fine game gun weighing just 6lbs. 9oz. with its long 29” barrels and 15” LOP and sits just excellently on the hinge pin.

Alex Martin 20 Gaug Specifications

Barrel Length:  29″

Chokes:  .004/.008 SK/IC 1/4 choke-3/4 choke

Bores:  mirrors

Bore Diameter:  .629/.629

Wall Thickness:  .038/036

% Blue:  98%

Chambers:  2 3/4″

Ribs:  vent rib, tight

Sights:  single

Action:  tight, centered

Ejectors or Extractors:  excellent

Case Color:  99% coin finish

Screws:  perfect

Engraving:  L. Sabatti signed

Trigger Type:  single, crisp

Trigger Guard Color:  fully engraved; coin finish

Type:  English stock/field style forend

LOP:  15″

LOP To End of Wood:  15″

DAH:  2 1/4″

DAC:  1 7/16″

Cast:  neutral

Checkering Condition:  superb 28 lines per inch

Butt Treatment:  checkered butt

Description of Alex Martin 20 Gaug

To begin with, the 20 firearm is very rare and that goes a long way to speak of its value and quality. It has an improved Cylinder with shiny bores that have a few scattered pits. One thing that is strongly visible is its brown Damascus pattern. Action is effectively carved with tall elegant hammers and shifting fences.

The minimum wall thickness is .033 in the right tube and .031 in the left tube.

Other features of Alex Martin 20 Gaug

  • The gun has 30″ monoblock barrels with brass bead front sight on partially vented file cut rib. Barrels are marked with the inscriptions “Alex Martin” on the left side and “Continental” on the right side. The gun also has the relevant Italian indication proofs for a 3″ 20 gauge with Armi stamp and script WR. Forearm with extensive release inscribed with scroll and floral petals and checkered throughout in a point pattern.
  • It also has a detachable trigger plate with action mounted right inside. The trigger place is largely plain with a simple border and automatic safety. The long trigger tank runs virtually to uncapped pistol grip with point pattern checkering at the wrist.
  • The receiver of the lovely engraved Scottish shotgun is carved with nearly 100% coverage of well-executed acanthus engraving with an intermittent beaded scroll on the dappled ground. The gullets are also carved in a simple line pattern and underneath the lever are carved with the balance of the gun.
  • The 20 gauge has a very good wood with a few minor marks and the forearm has a pullback away from iron.
  • In addition, actions work excellently, the receiver is extremely good and the engraving is very attractive. The ejectors are slightly out of time but it has excellent, bright, and shiny. The rear wooden butt plate has been heavily varnished and has softened the checkering.
  • And what about the Case? It has some scuffs and rubs to the exterior and the interior is really good but there is a clear cut area in the lid where a trade label was removed at some point.

How to Buy Alex Martin 20 Gaug

  • First, you have to be 18 years or older to purchase a shotgun like the Alex Martin 20 Gaug as required by law.
  • Next, you have to obtain a firearm license. Just like if you don’t obtain a driving license, you won’t be able to drive a car even if you own the car, so also, if you haven’t obtained a gun license, you can’t use the Alex Martin 20 Gaug.
  • However, note that before you can be granted a gun license, you will have to write and pass the firearm safety course.
  • Once you have passed the exams, fill out the license application form for the Alex Martin 20 Gaug gun license and mail it with the required supporting documents, including a passport-style photo and processing fee to the approved office.
  • You just have to wait for a few weeks and your license will be given to you. Once you have your firearm license, of course, the next step is to go shop for your Alex Martin 20 Gaug.

Where to Buy the Alex Martin 20 Gauge Online

The Alex Martin 20 Gaug is one of the best Alex Martin’s shotguns ever but where can you find it? If you need an Alex Martin 20 Gauge, then, we are your best place to go as we will provide you with a total set of firearm-related services to help you successfully exercise your right to own and use arms.

If you need to get a firearm transfer service, want to sell or buy a new or already used firearm, or perhaps just have recreational or sporting requirements, we are here to help you.  Our goal is simple; we strive to make the firearms buying and selling process less cumbersome and we do this in the most reliable, fast, friendly, and well-executed manner.

How to use a Alex Martin 20 Gauge

As concerns using Alex Martin 20 Gauge, it may not be complicated but it is important to follow the steps as prescribed by the manufacturer in order to get your desired result at the end of the day. So it is advisable to consult the Alex Martin 20 Gauge user manual that comes with it in order to perform the following actions:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Model Target
  • Adjusting Single-Action trigger weight
  • Windage adjustment
  • Grip Replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Changing the pressure point of the Double-Action trigger
  • Rear sight blade replacement

What Makes Alex Martin 20 gauge special

Why is this shotgun so special? Well, I can tell you this for a fact; special is perhaps an understatement as:

  • It has a single trigger and the entire firing system is found only on the finest shotguns. It is contained in a hand-detachable drop-out trigger group similar to the Perazzi drop-out trigger group. The gun has been taken to the field for testing and there are the expected light handling marks in the finish, but no nicks or deep scratches.
  • It is indeed a truly spectacular firearm. The entire mechanics and firing system drops into your hand and enables you to easily do your inspection, cleaning, replacement, and repair.
  • You should choose it because it has some of the best gun features like drop points at the head of the stock, checkered butt, rebated frame to retain the head of the stock, deeply sculpted, and beaded breech balls, sculpted frame.
  • Though it is the best Alex Martin products created yet, the price is extremely good for a gun of such high quality. One would normally expect this gun to exceed $45K to buy something comparable (say a Piotti Over/Under with this level of engraving and wood would go past $65K). One would expect the stockwork to exceed $9000 and the work and engraving would exceed $14,000. However, the price it is quite good value and in fact, one of the best prices a gun can be bought.
  • It is also a suitable gun for clays, games, and recreational activities and just something you will enjoy carrying. So it is just the perfect gun you would need anywhere and anytime.




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