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Buy Precision Guns and Ammunition in Australia

buy guns and ammunition in Austrila

In Australia, just like anywhere else, owning a gun has become a major priority for most people as there is an increased need for safety and protection following the upsurge in crime in recent years. A gun could come in handy if you are attacked by an intruder and for most people that would be the most important reason of buying a gun. This is particularly important when loved ones are involved. You don’t want to rely on your strength alone. Owning a gun is also a means of exercising your rights if the constitution of your country permits gun ownership.

Guns may not only be used for protection as they are also important for hunting and recreational purposes. The population of Australia stands at over 25 million with an estimate of 200,000 to 350,000 recreational hunters in the country. So these hunters also need guns to carry out their activities. However, just like any other country, there is a legal procedure to own a gun. Of course, we know a gun may be important for several purposes but you can’t just get into a gun shop and purchase one or just pick one anywhere and use. You need the law on your side.

So what do you have to do in order to legally purchase a gun in Australia? We will be answering that question in this article. First let’s look at some relevant legislation guiding firearms in Australia.

Normally laws are not always ultimately right, as such some persons are deny the right to guns and ammunition unjustly. Or given the type of guns that may not serve the purpose deserved.

Thanks to Home Land Gun Shop, everyone can now buy any gun or ammunition needed even without any strict checks. Our only concern is to ensure we don’t sell to people with mental health issues. Aside from that we give you just what you need to enjoy the best accurate shooting experience.

We sell guns and ammunition with all required papers and also registered in the government database..

Buy Guns and Ammunition In Australia From Us And Do Whatever you want with a gun

buy guns and ammunition in Austrila
Buy guns and ammunition in Australia

Relevant Legislation For Guns And Ammunition In Australia

The restrictions and licensing requirements relating to buying, owning, and using firearms in Australia are controlled by the following state and territory instruments:

In Victoria: Firearms Act 1996, Control of Weapons Act 1990, and associated regulations

In South Australia: Firearms Act 1977 and associated regulations

For Tasmania: Firearms Act 1996 and associated regulations

In New South Wales: Firearms Act 1996, Weapons Prohibition Act 1998, and associated regulations

For Queensland: Weapons Act 1990 and associated regulations

For Australian Capital Territory: Firearms Act 1996, Prohibited Weapons Act 1996, and associated regulations

In Northern Territory: Firearms Act and associated regulations

And for Western Australia: Firearms Act 1973 and associated regulations

How to buy a Gun and Ammunition in Australia

Obtaining a Gun License in Australia

To obtain and use a gun in Australia, you have to first and foremost obtain a gun license. A gun license is just like a driving license for those who drive cars. Without a driving license, you cannot drive a car. So too is a gun license. You cannot use a gun without a gun license.

How do you obtain a gun license in Australia?

  • First, you must be 18 years old or older to obtain a gun license. But if you are under 18, you can apply for a firearm minor permit.
  • You should also be fit physically, mentally and proper person to have access to firearms.
  • You have to identify your ‘genuine reason’ for wanting a gun license: whether it is for target shooting, rural occupation, recreational hunting, pest control, business, employment or animal welfare.
  • You will also need to provide the required proof for those genuine reasons depending on the genuine reason(s) you have given. That is proof of club membership, proof of employment, proof from a solicitor that you are a primary producer or employer, proof that you are a security guard, just depending on the reason you have given.
  • Next, obtain an application form for a firearm license.
  • You will now have to enroll for a complete multi-day firearm safety course. Take the test and pass both the theory and practical assessment which will provide you a certificate that you have passed and completed the course.
  • Compile your firearm application form with the following:
  • Identify your genuine reasons for a firearm.
  • You will also have to specify your category of the firearm you require. It could either be A, B, C, D  and/or H. In addition, for category D which is for most lethal firearms, self-loading rifles and shotguns, applicant must explain why they need such a firearm and why a less lethal firearm cannot be used.
  • You will also include a safety training completion certificate and a declaration that you meet safe storage requirements for the firearm category you want to obtain.

Conduct background checks will be done on your application. This includes – criminal record, intelligence checks and any court ordered mental health orders. You will have to wait for 28 days for the checks to be completed.

A gun license may however be denied for people who have been charged with some offenses including robbery, sexual offense, violent offenses, offenses related to prohibited drugs, fraud, dishonesty, theft, weapon offenses and offenses related to organized crimes.

If your application is completed, you will be required to go to the Road Traffic Authority with your letter and your ID. Your photo will be taken by the Road Traffic Authority and you will be issued a firearm license after paying a fee.

Firearms licenses in Australia are issued for 2 or 5 years with the exception of a probationary pistol license which is issued for 12 months and provisional pistol for business and employment which is also issued for12 months.

How to obtain a gun in Australia

First and foremost, you will be required to submit a permit to acquire (PTA) application. This permit must be submitted for each gun and you have to ensure that the type of gun you are choosing corresponds with the category of your gun license.

On your permit to acquire, you are also required to identify the type of firearm category and where (address) it will be stored as well as the genuine reason for wanting to obtain the gun.

The permit to acquire has to be sent to the firearm registry. You will have to wait for a mandatory 28 days period for full background checks to be done.

Once your PTA has been given to you, every other thing is simple. All you have to do is take it to a firearm dealer and purchase your gun. The firearm registry will be notified by the firearm dealer of your purchase and this will permit them to register the gun on the firearms registry database system.

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